Nettle Farms, LLC - About Us

Nettle Farms, LLC is a working farm located within the scenic foothills of Bremen, Ohio where the developmental production of a ground-breaking and innovative new product is happening -
the Netical Patch™ - A Nettle Herbal Patch, a 100% all-natural product designed to alleviate aches, swelling and discomfort!

The work we do here is industrious and extensive. Much of the local Amish community make up a large percentage of the manual labor work force and use the patch themselves for their pains and inflammation. The purpose of their labors is the production and cultivation of Nettles (Urtica dioica) or "stinging nettles"...yes, we grow weeds!

At first our neighboring farmers and the small community of Bremen thought we were a little strange, however, now they understand the wonderful benefits of our work. Along with the Amish, our employees begin by tilling the fields where other cash crops had been planted in the past. Rows are made and planting of the nettle bulbs begins. Each plant is planted by hand. Each is watered again by hand to help it begin its new life. Once the plants are beginning to grow the second phase of work begins. We hand hoe each plant found over the vast acres of our farm. The space between each row is mowed weekly. Plants are watered by hand as the need arises during the growing season.

This process continues throughout the spring and summer months. Harvesting is done during mid-summer and again in late autumn (weather permitting) when the plants are individually cut and delivered to a storage facility where they will be dried and processed.

Our sole purpose in growing this crop is of a humanitarian concern. As an alternative to modern anti-inflammatory drugs, the sting of the common stinging nettle (Urtica dioica) has been used by many cultures to treat inflammation and arthritic pain throughout thousands of years.

The Romans in ancient times used the stinging nettles to alleviate joint and muscle pain by urtication (external stinging or flogging directly to the skin). While the above uses of the nettle may be sufficient it does have a major disadvantage - causing a sting, pain or rash.

With over 10 years of research and development, our extensive efforts have resulted in the Netical Patch™ - A Nettle Herbal Patch - a 100%, all-natural product designed to alleviate aches, swelling and discomfort. And with numerous applications and thousands of positive results we are proud of our hard work and the lives we've changed. If you would like to try our Netical Patch™, you can find yours from one of our fine distributors.

If you would like more information regarding our Netical Patch™, please contact us or visit our parent company:
Transdermal Innovations, Inc.

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